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Libstock prefers package manager

Package Manager

We strongly encourage users to use Package manager for sharing their code on Libstock website, because it boosts your efficiency and leaves the end user with no room for error. [more info]

What is Libstock?

Libstock is a community website created by mikroElektronika, that allows users to share their projects and libraries. It’s created with aim to provide the community with the right and neccessary infrastructure for this. Libstock is a powerful concept, encapsulating many useful features for easier navigation, flexibility in code presentation, and mechanisms to geting what you are seeking for, using categories, search, sorting and filters. Libstock allows you to stay in touch with your fellow contributors, to be notified of code changes, to discuss code implementation, but also express your wishes for future development. Libstock is far more compresensive and user-friendly than any other embedded community website. It’s the best place for code.

How do I Log in?

Just like mikroElektronika Support Center and PIC32 compilers webpage, Libstock website uses Login Sharing with mikroElektronika Forum. This means that in order to create a Profile page on Libstock, you must have a Forum Account. This account it’s easy to set up, and once created it will be your passport to any community related website created by mikroElektronika.

Do I really need a User profile?

We have allowed users to have a face and personality, to present their education and skills and to tell a bit about themselves, thus boosting the confidence in the code they are sharing. User profiles allow developers to communicate more easily, and allow Libstock to have most useful set of features like code comments, notification module, sorting by authors, author ratings and other. But these features need only basic information, such as name and E-mail address. Nothing else is mandatory. Each user can decide what other personal information he or she should share with the community.

Anyone can share code

We’ve made code sharing as easy as we could. In order to allow Libstock the flexibility of having filters, sorting, category management, search mechanisms, rating and version control, we had to make sure that users follow a strict but simple pattern when posting a new code. Once you describe your code well, add files and describe them too, your code is ready to be published and shared with the community.

What ELSE can I share?

Libstock allows sharing of three major code types: Libraries, Projects and Visual TFT projects. But within those types, we have allowed you to share whatever is necessary, or whatever you find suitable and helpful to the end user. For example, if you want to share your library, you can also provide examples, connections schematics, help files, datasheets, additional documentation, and even PCB designs if you like.

Package manager Makes it easy

Package manager is a free software, which allows you to create extractable packages of your projects and libraries. It’s most convenient for sharing libraries, because it can automatically update definition files for all target devices and for target compiler. It also copies all related files to specified folders, and makes sure to satisfy all necessary dependencies. mikroElektronika strongly encourages users to use Package manager for sharing their code on Libstock, because it dramatically boosts your efficiency and leaves the end user with no room for error. This is why we have decided to award each code post consisted of .MPKG files with one initial Star rating, allowing better position in search results.

Promote your code with a Blog

We know that 250 characters of code description is not nearly enough for all that you want to say about your code. This is why we allowed you to create and maintain a compresensive code blog were you can add text, images, image galleries, videos and links, and Libstock will make sure it is formatted appropriately, and with style. Having a code blog is the best way to promote your code, and to explain the community what it does. It is your own space for real marketing.

Stay INFORMED at all times

Wherever you see this icon Following you should know that this is the place where you can subscribe to follow code changes, new author posts, or comment threads. Notification module really helps you stay in touch with hot topics on Libstock, and allows you to get the right information as soon as it becomes available.

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