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senol eker

posted on 2017/06/21 12:44:09 PM CEST


I2C communication by using P18F67K40

Is there a difference nor trick?
I could not adapt the code that worked on P16F46K22.

Obrien Requina

posted on 2017/06/16 06:05:15 AM CEST

Audio & Speech

Interface PIC16F877A to MPU 6050 Gyroscope to read data via Serial

I been trying to interface PIC16877 to MPU6050 to read angular data to the computer through SERIAL @ 9600 buad rate. Can anyone help me provide a simple code just for me to start with... Thank you very much in advance

Max Stevenson

posted on 2017/06/12 06:08:18 PM CEST

Communication > Ethernet

I need example code for 8051 processor for Ethernet MIKROE-971

I have a 8051 MCU and I want to connect it to a MIKROE-971 ETHERNET BOARD ASSEMBLY. It contains a ENC28J60 ethernet controller. Does anyone have an example code I can use for my 8051 MCU? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Nowfal Al-Azzawi

posted on 2017/05/06 03:52:31 PM CEST


RFM69xx Library


Anyone has any idea if a MikroC-for-PIC library exists for the HopeRF RFM69xx tranceiver module?


Mithun K Das

posted on 2017/05/04 12:47:05 PM CEST


Humidity measurement using HR202L Humidity Sensor

HR202L is new type of resistive humidity sensor. Very cheap and much more reliable than other capacitive humidity sensors. To measure the humidity with alternating voltage it become difficult to get the data using code. But if there were a library for this sensor, it would be a very helpful for people to utilize the sensor as well as save some extra cost.

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