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V-TFT Button State Management Tutorial



Author: Robert MegaHurts

Last Updated: 2014-09-05

Category: TFT

Downloaded: 626 times

Followed by: 3 users

Tutorial in mBASIC for PIC32 mmB, How to reuse objects for multiple menu button sets. Making iterated user pointers to objects and their properties. Full PDF tutorial manual in English allows mC and mPASCAL language users to easily study tutorial methods too.
Manual Version is now 1.02.

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Download Example [981.67KB]


mikroBasic PRO for PIC32
  • lib
  • src
  • exa
  • hlp
  • hex
  • sch
  • pcb
  • doc

Example Blog

New version of the PDF manual (Ver.1.02) is now 20 pages long and has 4 new sections, including a full page of Colored FlowCharts showing Start-up, Main Loop with no TP activity, Menu Button 1 in Menu Set 1 clicked, Menu Select clicked and Menu Button 1 in Menu Set 2 clicked. For my less skilled in English friends, I hope this helps more than all the text.

Menu Button Sets

Menu Button Sets

Image of V-TFT screen with menu buttons that can be reused for different functions by sets of 5 and toggled on/off.

View full image
Colored Flowcharts

Colored Flowcharts

New colored Flowcharts page in the PDF manual. Shows how V-TFT project execution flows thru the routines and files when different Menu Buttons are Clicked.

View full image
code color convention usage

code color convention usage

Code listings in the tutorial manual follow a color assignment to each mBASIC and V-TFT code element so tracking each through the program code is easy to do.

View full image
Alternate iterated code example

Alternate iterated code example

Tutorial PDF includes non iterated code examples of the optimized iterated code used in the project like this image shows.

View full image
Fully commented and color organized program code

Fully commented and color organized program code

All program code in the tutorial manual is fully commented to explain operations and colored uniquely for easy reading for all compiler users to follow methodology described in examples.

View full image


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