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WTV020-SD-16p library


Author: xmas pako

Last Updated: 2015-01-28

Category: Audio Playback

Downloaded: 988 times

Followed by: 4 users

This library allows to communicate with WTV020-SD-16p chip by 2wire serial port.
Refer to library header and datasheet for pin connections.
By this lib, you can do all the functions foreseen by the chip.

Note: the mB version of this library has to be tested! Please let me know if you have any issue using it.

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mikroC PRO for PIC
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mikroBasic PRO for PIC
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Library Blog

January 28th, 2015

I don't program in mikroBasic, but someone asked me to translate my library in mB. I realized a first attempt of translation, but I'm not able to test it.

If someone wants to try it, let me know if it works.

Please: control that code before use and use it at your own risk ;)



This library is the translation of another one originally written for Arduino by Diego J. Arevalo in August 6th, 2012. 
By this lib you can easily interface PIC with WTV020-SD-16p.
This chip allows to reproduce up to 255 different sounds, reading them directly from a micro-SD card (FAT formatted). This circuit has the possibility to communicate by 2 wire serial port.
For connection refers to header information in library and WTV020 datasheet.

The library works stand-alone, so it does not need SPI or I2C integration, and it can be used potentially with any PIC version (I tested it with PIC16F84 also).

I hope it could be useful to most and I'll appreciate any kind of discussion about it for improvements.


Some suggestions:

  1. I found another version of this library written for mikroBasic (by Leonardo Moretti) at this link, but unluckily it doesn't work very well. It seems to be able to play only the first one voice in the memory and nothing else.
    As soon as possible, I'll try to translate my library in mB.
  2. I used a 2GB standard micro-SD card, formatted in FAT system, and it works. I don't suggest to use different sizes (neglect the datasheet) that for strange reasons don't work for me. Expecially, don't use SDHC. The SD that I used is a simple Class1.
  3. Using of limiting resistors on wires that connects PIC to WTV020 is highly recommended to prevent PIC damages.




WTV020-SD-16P Cheper AD4 Sound Player Library using Pic 16F88 07/Feb/2016

UPDATE ON 07.02.2016 ------- WORK GOOD Definitive ---------- after collaboration with XmasPako, he help me to write MIKROBASIC Library. This CODE (Mikrobasic Pro)Drive the WTV-020-SD-16P to play the AD4 Audio File.

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MP3 Player for Mikromedia plus for STM32F4

a modified example of MikroElectronika - continuous playback of the playlist

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MP3 Player ( MikroMMB for PIC18FJ rev 1.05) with selection of MP3 files in subdirectories, volume control, start, stop, pause, prev, next, play files randomly, display elapsed time, id3 tags and spectrum analysis.

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