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ETH WIZ click board - Example



Author: MikroElektronika Team

Last Updated: 2015-05-14

Category: Ethernet

Downloaded: 4032 times

Followed by: 4 users

License: MIT license  

This example demonstrates simple TCP and UDP usage of the ETH WIZ click board :
- Board sends echo reply to UDP packets on "PORT_UDP" port,
- Board listens to a connection request on "PORT_TCP" port. After connection is established, it sends echo reply to incoming TCP packets.

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Example Blog

ETH WIZ click board

ETH WIZ click board

Front and back view of ETH WIZ click board designed in mikroBUS form factor. mikroBUS is specially designed pinout standard with SPI, I2C, Analog, UART, Interrupt, PWM, Reset and Power supply pins

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ETH Wiz click carries W5500, a 48-pin, 10/100 BASE-TX standalone ethernet controller with a hardwired TCP/IP Internet protocol offload engine, along with a standard RJ-45 connector. The W5500 module employs a variety of solutions to reduce the target MCU’s memory load and enable a stable and secure Internet connection. High speed network communications are realized through an 80 MHz SPI interface. The module has 32KB of internal memory for TX/RX buffers. Reduced power consumption is achieved with Wake on LAN and power down modes. Automatic handshaking, retransmit on collision and automatic rejection of erroneous packets are also supported.

Examples are written for :

  • EasyPIC v7 - PIC18F45K22
  • EasyPIC v7 for dsPIC30 - dsPIC30F4013
  • EasyPIC Fusion v7 - PIC32MX795F512L
  • EasyAVR v7 - ATmega32
  • EasyMX PRO v7 STM32 - STM32F107VC
  • EasyFT90x v7 - FT900 


ETH WIZ click board Schematics

ETH WIZ click board Schematics

Schematics of the ETH WIZ click board

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