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Author: MikroElektronika Team

Last Updated: 2016-07-26

Category: Bootloaders

Downloaded: 2703 times

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To make it as simple as possible to program MCUs on our dev boards, most of them come with a preloaded USB-HID bootloader.

While the bootloader firmware is specific to each chip, the PC utility for loading your HEX file to the target microcontroller is universal. It’s done in four steps and takes less than 20 seconds.

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Library Blog



Use our learn tutorial to make uploading code to your Clicker 2 easier, even if you erase the previously uploaded bootloader. Code is provided for re-uploading bootloaders to any click, as well as another step-by-step tutorial on how to use your Clicker 2

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If your project has some requirements that the default mikroBootloader software and firmware suite can’t fulfil, perhaps we can customize it for you. Whether you want us to simply change the branding of the GUI on the PC utility, or have something more substantial in mind, get in touch and we will help you out.


WiFi 6 click library

WiFi 6 click is a mikroBUS add-on board whose functionality is determined by two components: a WF121-A Wi-Fi module for communication over 2.4GHz band with excellent performance, and a PIC32MX695H MCU for end user applications to be embedded onto the click board itself.

[Learn More]

TextToSpeech click

Text To Speech click is a mikroBUS™ add-on board that carries an Epson S1V30120 speech synthesis IC. Text To Speech communicates with the target board microcontroller through the mikroBUS SPI interface with additional functionality provided by DRDY, NRST and MUTE pins. It can use either a 3.3V or 5V power supply.

[Learn More]

Programmable Relay Timers (AVR)

Build your own programmable timer relays using AVR-Ready1, Keypad 4x4 board with EasyPull, RTC, Relay 4 and LCD 2x16 character display with adapter. Just load the demonstration project code and your device is ready to control 4 separate relays.

[Learn More]