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DS1302 RTC Library


Author: electrotoolbox electrotoolbox

Last Updated: 2017-04-29

Category: Timers (Real time clock)

Downloaded: 930 times

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DS1302 RTC
RTC 1302

DS1302 Library
DS1302 RTC Library
DS1302-RTC Library
RTC1302 Library
RTC 1302 Library
RTC-1302 Library

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mikroC PRO for PIC
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Library Blog

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Microchip MCP7940N RTC example

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This project builds a simple 8 bit function generator using 18F46k22. 32 Waveforms each containing 64 bytes per period. Maximum output frequency 1700 Hz. Input clock is required this can be from a 555 timer. Output is on portD. a simple DAC is required to convert back into analogue voltage, a simple R/2R resistor ladder will do.

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