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ETHERNET Example for mikromedia plus PIC32MX7


Author: Darko Ilijevski

Last Updated: 2017-06-08

Category: Ethernet

Downloaded: 207 times

Not followed.

Simple example that sets up a simple network page and drives the on screen virtual LEDs on a micromedia plus PIC32MX7. The LEDs can also drive the page, which indicates which light is lit.

The example is written in mikroBASIC PRO for PIC32

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Download Example [66.73KB]


mikroBasic PRO for PIC32
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Example Blog

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ETH click - Example

Example shows how to use the ENC28J60:
the board will reply to ARP & ICMP echo requests
the board will reply to UDP requests on any port :
returns the request in upper char with a header made of remote host IP & port number

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Primer kako koristiti naredbu getIPAddres. I prikazati svoju IP adresu na LCD-u.

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W5100 LIBRARY Embedded Web Server - EXAMPLE

This sample uses PIC18F2520 interfaced with W5100 Ethernet module as web-server to display web pages stored in a memory card, webpages are within the downloaded file just copy them and paste them in your mmc, the sample uses mikroelectronika MMC FAT16 new version library for reading and fragmenting the pages.

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