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RS485 3 Click


Author: MikroElektronika Team

Last Updated: 2017-11-23

Category: CAN / LIN / RS485

Downloaded: 69 times

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RS485 3 click uses SN65HVD31DR from Texas Instruments, a tri-state differential line driver and differential input line receiver. The click is intended to be used as UART to RS422/RS485 communication interface. It is suited for transmitting smaller blocks of data over long distances, using the four-wire bus, allowing for full-duplex communication.

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Example Blog

RS485 3 click

RS485 3 click

Front and back view of the RS485 3 click

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The demo application is composed of two sections :

  • System Initialization - Initializes GPIO pins used for button press detection, and two UART modules: first one used for click and second used for logging.
  • Application Task - (Code snippet) Constantly polls the state of GPIO pin used for button press detection. Whenever the press is detected, a predefined message will be sent using RS485 3 click. At the same time, inside the application task, the UART is constantly polled, checking for RS485 3 click activity. Whenever new data on click is received, it will be logged to UART module.
void applicationTask()
    if (Button( &GPIOA_IDR , 5, 100, 1 ))
        for (i = 0; i <= 7; i++)
            UART3_Write( SEND_DATA [ i ] );
        UART1_Write_Text("Data sent");

    if (UART3_Data_Ready())
        tmp = UART3_Read();

Other mikroE Libraries used in this example:

  • UART

Additional notes and information

Depending on the development board you are using, you may need USB UART clickUSB UART 2 clickor RS232 click to connect to your PC, for development systems with no UART to USB interface available on the board. The terminal available in all MikroElektronika compilers, or any other terminal application of your choice, can be used to read the message.


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