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Mikromedia Plus for STM32F746ZG RGB led and CAN demo


Author: Jack Eberson

Last Updated: 2018-01-06

Category: TFT

Downloaded: 99 times

Not followed.

This project was created as a simple learning projct to get familiar with the VTFT tool and the Mikromedia plus board. It demonstrates the use of the touch display and the the use of the CAN bus interrupt based.

The correct clock scheme is included.

The project was created with MikroC Pro for ARM V6.0.0 with integrated VTFT.


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Example Blog

I created this demo to learn how to use VTFT in combination with he MikroC compiler and to use the Mikromedia plus for STM32F7 module with shield. I was new to VTFT so I started investigating ME's demo and tried to make an application from scratch myself.

This demo uses the Mikromedia plus RGB led and the CAN bus interrupt based. The appropriate clock scheme is added in the project folder.

Please feel free to use this demo. Pleae keep in mind this demo is only developed as a learning project. Hope it helps you as well....  

KR, Jack  


VTFT Resource Editor

Tool for editing *.RES files generated by VTFT

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example Cyrillic fonts for "mikromedia_for_XMega"

based on the example project "MP3" from "mikroC PRO for AVR" - picture, graphic, fonts, music in Russian language :) picture (.RES-file) and music (.mp3-file) from SD-card, Cyrillic koi8 fonts locally (in file resources )

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MMB TFT backlight dimmer

Code to dim the backlight from the TFT display on the Mikromedia Board. Made for the PIC18FJ board, HW Rev. 1.05 but is easy to adopt. PWM is made with Timer2, the PWM module is not used, although connected to this port. Brightness can be adjusted from 10% to 100% in 10% steps.

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