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Examples for FreeRTOS



Author: Val Gretchev

Last Updated: 2018-08-08

Category: Development Systems

Downloaded: 103 times

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I am delighted that FreeRTOS was ported for use with MikroE compilers. After trying the demo codes supplied by MikroE, I decided to try some of my drivers for USB and UART. After resolving some issues, I was able to get a lot of code working in the new environment and I wanted to share it with users.

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mikroC PRO for ARM
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Using WiFi to set RTC on Tiva board


Another example of setting the real-time-clock with data obtained from an Internet time server using the external CC3000 chip on the Tiva board. The FT232 chip on the shield board is used for diagnostic messages.

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Traffic Flow Recorder (TFR)


This project combines several examples into a single application implementing a traffic movement data logger. The collected data can be used to justify signal lights or to change the signaling sequence of existing lights. The hardware used for this project is mikromedia for Stellaris® M3 board.

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