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Bus Pirate


Author: Hex Hexreader

Last Updated: 2018-11-06

Category: Development Systems

Downloaded: 13 times

Not followed.

Dig your old Bus Pirate gadget out of the junk drawer and put it to use.
Example of Infrared Remote IR signal send.
Easy to add your own functions

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Download Example [91.30KB]


mikroC PRO for dsPIC30/33 & PIC24
  • lib
  • src
  • exa
  • hlp
  • hex
  • sch
  • pcb
  • doc

Example Blog

05 November 2018 First version - NEC only - expect more IR protocols and other features over time.

Bus Pirate support is pretty much dead, but the hardware can make a handy little gadget for odd little mikroC projects.

This code works with free version of dsPIC compiler, but I would expect the next version to exceed the demo limit and require full licence.

06 November 2018 Bug fix and added option for repeat messages


EasyPIC7 control Velleman PS3005D Power Supply

Do you own a Velleman PS3005D Power Supply Unit? - no? ... then you might want to consider it. Here is a very early, very crude project to control this PSU from EasyPIC7. Note that this is a low quality PSU, but it is very cheap for something that can be controlled from a PIC board.

[Learn More]

hexreader's STM32 learning code

nothing very clever here, just odd little projects that I make as I learn how to use ARM chips on EasyMxPROv7 board. Just for fun, and only because there is so little ARM code out there.

[Learn More]

Frequency Generator Easy24-33v6 PIC24F16KA102

A simple square wave generator utility for Easy24-33 v6 board with PIC24F16KA102 and 2x16 LCD fitted. Fit mikroDrive accessory board to protect your Easy24-33 and to allow higher voltage or current drive. Pull-down on RB0 to RB3. J6 to Vcc3 position. Buttons RB0 to RB3 select frequency.

[Learn More]