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WiFi ESP Click with FreeRTOS



Author: Val Gretchev

Last Updated: 2019-04-09

Category: WiFi

Downloaded: 77 times

Followed by: 1 user

License: MIT license  

This code is an example showing how to interface to the WiFi ESP click board. Comprehensive explanation of the code and files is included in the ReadMe.pdf file of the Documents folder.

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Download Example [4.33MB]


mikroC PRO for ARM
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MikroMedia + for STM32 with Shield and GSM2 click board.


This code uses the GSM2 click board to send SMS text messages to a cell phone number. It can be modified to execute 2-way communications using the skeleton code provided. The code is modular and can be easily used in many other projects.

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Mikromedia Plus for STM32 with Shield and GPS Click L10 Board.


This example uses the GPS click L10 board in slot 2 of the shield and communicates with it through UART2. Commands and messages are available using UART6-to-USB circuit on the shield board. The USB-HID Bootloader is used for loading the code. However, you can use mikroProg programmer if you prefer.

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Delphi 7 example for testing the GPS L10 Click Board


The simplest way to test a GPS click board is to connect it to a PC by means of the built-in USB port. This program, written for Delphi 7, can be used to monitor the click board output messages. Use Disable Auto Output to stop automatic transmissions; Verbose mode to interpret fields.

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