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MAX44009 Light Sensor Demo



Author: Shawon Shahryiar

Last Updated: 2019-06-04

Category: Measurement

Downloaded: 11 times

Not followed.

License: MIT license  

MAX44009 light sensor a.k.a lux meter demo with ATMega16A.

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Download Library [7.68KB]


mikroC PRO for AVR
  • lib
  • src
  • exa
  • hlp
  • hex
  • sch
  • pcb
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Library Blog

Project Setup

Project Setup

MAX44009 I2C Light Sensor Demo

View full image
MAX44009 Sensor Block

MAX44009 Sensor Block

MAX44009 I2C Light Sensor Demo

View full image
Sensor Readout

Sensor Readout

MAX44009 I2C Light Sensor Demo

View full image


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