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Frequency Counter for EasyPIC7 - Updated


Author: Hex Hexreader

Last Updated: 2017-10-09

Category: Measurement

Downloaded: 2324 times

Followed by: 1 user

Updated Frequency Display / Counter example for EasyPIC7 with LCD fitted.

Connect RC0 to RC2 for 2KHz test frequency. Select Frequency with RE0=1 or count with RE0=0

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Example Blog

05 September 2017 update to select frequncy display if RE0 pulled high, or counter if RE0 pulled low. Reset to implement any change in RE0 or to reset counter to 0. Take care if you connect any external signal - see text in header file.  Use any spare link for connecting RC0 to RC2 for the test frequency.

09 October 2017 added mikroBASIC version - frequency only - no counter option - poor accuracy at higher frequencies   


Infrared Tx Rx Samsung Sharp NEC Sony RC5 RC6 MCE Toshiba JVC IR - EasyPIC7 - PIC12 - MMB18 - MMB33 - ARM - Fusion PIC32

Transmit IR on RC2 of EasyPIC7 or Decode IR protocols using 38KHz 3-pin receiver chip on RC0 of EasyPIC7 - also PIC12 IR Tx/Rx and MMB Tx. See C file header text for details. Now Beta PIC32 IRclick too.

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SRF02 Distance Measuring with EasyPIC7

A simple example for getting started with SRF02 Ultrasonic distance measuring module. - All switches off except LCD backlight SW4-6 on. - Connect SRF02 module as described in the C file header text. - JPG included to show SRF02 lead construction

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Serial to GLCD for EasyPIC7

I found a need to build my own serial GLCD (text only). Thought I might share it in case someone else had an interest. Demonstrates circular UART buffer with interrupt and simple use of GLCD for text.

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