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mikromedia for STM32 M4 - Examples



Author: MikroElektronika Team

Last Updated: 2013-08-14

Category: Graphics & LCD

Downloaded: 6038 times

Followed by: 1 user

Set of examples for mikromedia for STM32 M4.. Provided examples demonstrate working with mikromedia's various features and modules:

- Accelerometer

- MMC SD card

- MP3

- Serial Flash


- Touch Panel


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Example Blog

mikromedia for STM32 M4

mikromedia for STM32 M4

Front and back view of mikromedia for STM32 M4

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These examples demonstrates usage of various external modules connected to microcontroller STM32F407VG.

Accelerometer module ADXL345

Accelerometer module ADXL345

Communication between microcontroller and accelerometer is performed over I2C Interface.

It's a simple test which demonstrates working with Accel on-board module. Results are displayed on TFT.

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micro Sd card slot

micro Sd card slot

Enables storage of large amount of data externally. For communication with microcontroller SD cards use Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI).

Example demonstrates various aspects of usage of the Mmc FAT16 library

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MP3 codec audio controller VS1053

MP3 codec audio controller VS1053

Enables audio reproduction on 3.5mm audio connector. Microcontroller communicates with this module over SPI. Program reads one mp3 file from MMC and sends it to VS1053E for decoding and playing. MMC and MP3 share Hardware SPI

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TFT with Touch Panel MIO283QT2

TFT with Touch Panel MIO283QT2

- Displays picture on TFT screen and demonstrates 320x240 colour TFT Display.
- Touch Panel Calculator example which shows usage of Touch screen. Program displays classic calculator, reads inputs from Touch Panel and displays result.

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USB module connection

USB module connection

Uses STM32F407VG integrated USB module.

Demonstration of USB HID communication. After connecting with computer via USB cable, mikromedia is recognized as USB HID device, and program will echo back any message sent to board.

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8Mbit Serial Flash memory module M25P80

8Mbit Serial Flash memory module M25P80

Connects with STM32F407VG via Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI).

Simple test which demonstrates use of on-board Serial Flash. Program writes byte and array of bytes and reads it back.

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LightRanger click


This example demonstrates usage of the VL6180X sensor on the LightRanger click It displays the amount of ambient light in LUX and the object proximity within 100mm.

[Learn More]

Noise click


Noise click is a mikroBUS add-on board with noise detecting circuitry. It enables you to set a noise detection threshold for alarm systems, environmental monitoring or data logging. When the volume of ambient sound reaches the set threshold, an interrupt is triggered.

[Learn More]

Alcohol click


This example demonstrates usage of the Alcohol click board in mikroBUS form factor. Alcohol click is suitable for detecting alcohol concentration - alcohol checker, breathalyser. LCD shows PPM value of ethanol concentration.

[Learn More]