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Datasheet Manager



Author: Aleksandar Vukelic

Last Updated: 2013-06-11

Category: Other Codes

Downloaded: 1116 times

Followed by: 3 users

Datasheet Manager is a simple tool for organizing MCU datasheets. It can work as a standalone application or as a tool from IDE of all mikroE compilers. It allows you to filter/view/download/delete datasheets for all MCU families supported by mikroE compilers.

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Project Blog

Version history

Version 1.03
- Fixed: Opening/downloading of the datasheets in IDE tool mode for MCU families other than PIC
(thanks to Jan for reporting this)

Version 1.02
- Added: config file (saving state of the "Show downloaded only" checkbox and selected MCU family)
- Fixed: "Show downloaded only" checkbox state is now preserved when changing MCU family
- Fixed: small bug caused by the changes introduced in v1.01

Version 1.01
- Added: "Download All" context menu item
- Fixed: Grid behavior after delete/download operations

Version 1.00
- Initial release

Screenshot 1

Screenshot 1

Standalone mode

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Screenshot 2

Screenshot 2

mE IDE Tool mode

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Screenshot 3

Screenshot 3

mE IDE Tool Configuration

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Timer Calculator Library


Run-time calculation of timer interrupt parameters

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BitCalc is an extension of Quick Converter tool found in IDE for mikroElektronika compilers. Apart from numeric conversion, it provides access to bitwise operations along with graphical representation and interaction with bits. It should be of great help to beginners but even more experienced users could find it useful.

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BitPack Font Library


BitPack Font Library contains functions for rendering and measurement of character bitmaps in BitPack format. Fonts in this format can be created using Code Page Font Generator application also available at Libstock. Compared to Visual TFT and GLCD Font Creator, BitPack format saves up 50% of ROM space. It also supports anti-aliased fonts.

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