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ACH SpeakUp Multimeter Demo



Author: Andrew Hazelden

Last Updated: 2014-10-11

Category: Audio & Speech

Downloaded: 476 times

Followed by: 2 users

License: MIT license  

This project shows how to use the SpeakUp Click board as a standalone device with a multimeter acting as a display to show feedback from each of the voice commands. There is an accompanying 10.5 minute long step-by-step video tutorial that shows how to create this project from the beginning.

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Project Blog

SpeakUp Multimeter Video Tutorial

This 10.5 minute long step-by-step video tutorial shows how to create the project from the beginning.

Watch on YouTube
Train the SpeakUp Board

Train the SpeakUp Board

This project explores the SpeakUp utility and will show you how to add custom actions that will control the click board's IO pins.

View full image
Talk to your SpeakUp Click Board

Talk to your SpeakUp Click Board

Connect your digital multimeter probes to the SpeakUp click board and control the output with your voice.

View full image


DigitalPOI - Persistence of Vision Display


The Digital Poi Spinning device can write text, draw small icons, and display patterns as you spin it around. It works by encoding your visual data onto a series of 8 LEDs that are spun like a fire spinning poi.

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Andrew Hazelden's Mikromedia Gaming Shield Library


This is an input library for the MikroElektronika Mikromedia Gaming Shield. It is compatible with the Mikromedia dsPIC33 and PIC32 boards. The library is designed to get you started with the Gaming Shield and provides control over the 4 LEDs on the Gaming Shield and reads the inputs from the buttons.

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Andrew Hazelden's Mikromedia Stereo3D Viewer


This is a simple example that shows a stereo image on a pair of mikromedia PIC32 boards. If you tap the displays you can switch between parallel vs crosseyed stereo views. The included stereo 3D image is of a carved piece of scrimshaw.

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