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4x4 RGB click



Author: MikroElektronika Team

Last Updated: 2015-07-31

Category: Graphics & LCD

Downloaded: 962 times

Followed by: 2 users

4x4 RGB click carries a matrix of 16 RGB LEDs and a MCP1826 low dropout regulator. The LED matrix is connected to the target board microcontroller through the mikroBUS RST pin. The board uses either a 3.3V or 5V power supply.

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Example Blog

4x4 RGB click

4x4 RGB click

Native view of the 4x4 RGB click board.

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4x4 RGB click

4x4 RGB click

Front and back view of the 4x4 RGB click board.

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Library Description

Library performs control of the LED color and light efects. Library uses LED color control to perform some  applications, like snake application in different colors and screen light also in different colors. The LED matrix on the 4x4 RGB click is connected to the target board microcontroller through the mikroBUS RST pin.

Key functions

void RGBLed_ZeroBit() - Determines logic low state for the LED diode.

void RGBLed_OneBit() - Determines logic high state for the LED diode.

void RGBLed_ResetDelay() - Reset function which inludes the determined delay time.

void RGBLed_InitDiode(unsigned long ARGBColor, unsigned long * AdiodeArray) - Makes the array with values to set the desired diodes depending on the desired color.

void RGBLed_SetColor(unsigned long * AdiodeArray) - Uses maked array and functions for setting LED diode to logic low or high state to set LED to the desired color.

void RGBLed_SetDiode(char ANum, unsigned long AColor, unsigned long * AdiodeArray) - Turns the determined LED diode (ANum) to the desired color by using SetColor function.

void RGBLed_InitHW() - Performs the hardware pin initialization.

void Delay_time() - Determines the time delay value.

void FillScreen() - Turns all LED diodes to the desired color.

Examples Description

Code snippet - Turns all LED diodes (fills all screen, LED matrix) to different colors with the delay time of 50 miliseconds.

The full application code, and ready to use projects can be found on our LibStock page.

void applicationTask()
 TempColor = 0x002F2F2F; // White

 n=10; // 10*5ms = 50ms delay

 TempColor = 0x0000002F; // Blue color
 TempColor = 0x00002F2F; // Bright blue color
 TempColor = 0x00002F00; // Green colcor

 TempColor = 0x002F2F00; // Yellow color back

4x4 RGB Click Demo

Demonstration of using 4x4 RGB Click.

Watch on YouTube


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