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7x10 G click


Author: MikroElektronika Team

Last Updated: 2017-07-13

Category: Graphics & LCD

Downloaded: 78 times

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7x10 G click can be used for displaying letters on display with 7x5 font resolution. It carries a matrix of 70 green LEDs driven by a pair of 8-bit serial-in, parallel-out shift registers, a Darlington Transistor array and a Johnson counter.

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Library Blog

7x10 G click

7x10 G click

Front and back view of the 7x10 G click board.

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FLICKER click is perfect, simple solution if you need to turn a device on and off at specific time intervals, like blinking LED commercials, alarm system lights, or any other signalling lights. This example shows how by using the button you can start time relay and configure it's duration of on and off period.

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Button G click

Button G click is the simplest solution for adding a single pushbutton to your design. The button itself is transparent, 6.8mm in diameter and has a green LED backlight. When pressed, it sends an interrupt signal to the target board microcontroller. The backlight LED is controlled separately through the mikroBUS™ PWM pin.

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Cap Extend Click

Click – board with SX8633 low power capacitive touch button controller | MikroElektronika Cap Extend click carries a SEMTECH SX8633 low power, capacitive button touch controller. It has 12 pins for connecting capacitive inputs (either touch-buttons or proximity sensors). Any sort of conductive object can be used as an input.

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