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AnyNet 2G click



Author: MikroElektronika Team

Last Updated: 2017-11-22

Category: GSM / GPRS

Downloaded: 393 times

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AnyNet 2G click is a cellular to AWS gateway device, which provides developers with the complete solution for various IoT applications, by using the AWS IoT and Cloud Storage services for the data storage, analyzing and processing.

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mikroC PRO for PIC32
  • lib
  • src
  • exa
  • hlp
  • hex
  • sch
  • pcb
  • doc
mikroC PRO for ARM
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Library Blog

AnyNet 2G click

AnyNet 2G click

Front and back view of the AnyNet 2G click.

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Library Description 

The library is composed of driver and API layers both available from user space. Lower driver layer carries generic AT command parser, API layer carries simplified user-friendly function calls.

Key functions

api_anynet2g_queryICCID- Provides ICC ID necessary for registration

api_anynet2g_checkStateAWS- Returns current state of the module

api_anynet2g_openTopicAWS- Opens Topic

Examples descriptions

The example shows how to properly initialize module and use API function calls. All information from the module is logged using UART so two UART modules are necessary for the example. In case that your system has only one UART module, Software UART is also usable for data logging. 

    anynet2g_cmdSingle( "AT" );

    api_anynet2g_checkStateAWS( _ANYNET2G_GET );

    api_anynet2g_openTopicAWS( _ANYNET2G_SET, "0", "MY_TOPIC" );
    api_anynet2g_publishTopicAWS( _ANYNET2G_SET, "0", "MIKROE", "" );

In addition to API calls, example carries additional functions for GPIO pin control provided during the driver initialization.

Keep in mind that AnyNet 2G click currently doesn't support Hardware Flow control so implementation of UART interrupt is a must, also timer interrupt is needed.

Other mikroE Libraries used in the example:

  • UART
  • Conversions
  • C_String

Additional notes and information

Depending on the development board you are using, you may need USB UART clickUSB UART 2 clickor RS232 click to connect to your PC, for development systems with no UART to USB interface available on the board. The terminal available in all Mikroelektronika compilers, or any other terminal application of your choice, can be used to read the message.


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