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Snowburst Game



Author: Andrew Hazelden

Last Updated: 2012-09-22

Category: Gaming and Fun

Downloaded: 796 times

Not followed.

License: MIT license  

Tap to the screen to melt the falling snowflakes before you get snowed in. If you miss a snow flake the snowbank gets higher. Every 500 points the snowbank starts to melt a bit. You can play with two fingers but be sure to tap only one snowflake at a time. If you tap the status bar at the bottom of the screen you can mute the background music.

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mikroC PRO for PIC32
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Project Blog

Presenting Snowburst

Experience the game that is Snowburst!

Watch on YouTube

Tip: Melt the small snowflakes first because they fall the fastest.

Loading Snowburst

Loading Snowburst

Snowburst is a fast paced game that demands all of your reflexes to stay alive.

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Playing a round of Snowburst

Playing a round of Snowburst

Can you melt all of the snowflakes before you are covered in snow?

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Snowburst Works with the new Mikromedia Workstation

Snowburst Works with the new Mikromedia Workstation

You can now use Snowburst with PIC32 Microcontrollers and the Mikromedia Workstation V7 Development board.

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The Mikromedia Workstation makes it easy to flash and run Snowburst

The Mikromedia Workstation makes it easy to flash and run Snowburst

With the Mikromedia Workstation v7 board + MMB PIC32 you can flash and run the Snowburst game in seconds.

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Don't let the snow pile up!

Don't let the snow pile up!

Make sure to melt the snowfall before it piles up to high!

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Mikromedia VR Head Tilt Demo


The demo uses a pair of Mikromedia boards and a Google Cardboard head mounted display to create a PIC32 microcontroller driven stereoscopic 3D view that responds interactively to the accelerometer sensor's tilt input. The code was written using MikroC Pro for PIC32 and VisualTFT.

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ACH SHT1x Click RPi Demo


The python based demo allows you to read a MikroElektronika SHT1X Click board on a Raspberry PI using I2C via a Pi Click Shield. The SHT1x Click board uses an I2C based Sensiron SHT11 module for reading the temperature and humidity. The RPi I/O uses MikroBus I2C SDA = RPI Pin 3, MikroBus I2C SCL = RPI Pin 5.

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Fireworks for Mikromedia PIC32


The fireworks example creates an animated fireworks show on the Mikromedia PIC32 development board. The fireworks firmware demonstrates a way to use the VisualTFT resource collection feature to create movies. The code was written using VisualTFT and MikroC Pro for PIC32.

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