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USB SPI click - Example



Author: MikroElektronika Team

Last Updated: 2012-08-09

Category: Communication

Downloaded: 5244 times

Followed by: 2 users

This is a sample program which demonstrates the use of USB SPI click This device accepts commands from SPI Terminal and sends appropriate bytes via SPI interface. It is very desirable tool for designing SPI slave devices such as sensors...

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Example Blog

USB SPI click

USB SPI click

Front and back side appearance of the USB SPI click Board.

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USB SPI click is a compact and easy solution for adding SPI serial communication via USB cable. It features MCP2210 USB-to-SPI protocol converter with GPIO as well as USB MINI B connector. USB SPI Click communicates with target board via SPI interface as a master device.

PIC examples are written for :
  - EasyPIC7 - PIC18F45K22

MCP2210 should be controlled with SPI Terminal application. MCP2210 SPI Terminal and MCP2210 Utility applications can be downloaded from the following links:

SPI Terminal proper settings

SPI Terminal proper settings

MCP2210 should be configured before use. Proper settings for this example are shown on the image.

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Any of the GP (General Purpose) pins can be used as chip select. User should select appropriate GP pin according to his own connections. GP pins are clearly marked on USB SPI click board and schematics.

Also user can define SPI speed and total number of bytes to transmit. In TX Data and RX Data windows are shown transmitted and received bytes.

Hex mode box should be checked if user want to preview data as hexadecimal.

USB SPI click schematics

USB SPI click schematics

The schematics of the USB SPI click board.

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