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click USB adapter - Example



Author: MikroElektronika Team

Last Updated: 2013-06-06

Category: Communication

Downloaded: 2105 times

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This PC application demonstrates how click USB adapter board can be used in combination with GSM click to send SMS directly from PC application to desired phone number. Next to simple SMSender you'll find AT terminal which gives you additional control over GSM module.

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Example Blog

click USB adapter

click USB adapter

Front and back view of click USB adapter board designed in mikroBUS form factor.

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Click USB adapter is accessory board which enables you to control embedded modules with PC, using preferred communication protocol (I2C, SPI, UART).

It features FT2232H chip - dual high speed USB 2.0 to UART/I2C/SPI serial interface converter.

This example application enables you to send SMS directly from PC, with help of GSM2 click board.
With help of AT terminal window, where all communication between host and GSM module is logged you can send desired AT command and see how GSM module responded on that command.

Right clicking on AT command textbox brings selected set of AT commands for easy testing.

Application is written in Visual Studio 2010 Express and LibMPSSE-I2C dll

click USB adapter Schematic

click USB adapter Schematic

The schematic of the click USB adapter board.

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click USB adapter and GSM2 click

click USB adapter and GSM2 click

GSM2 click board connected to click USB adapter

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