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P Sisak

posted on 2016/12/15 02:49:57 PM CET

Internal MCU modules

Possible to add custom microcontroller type?

The university has a custom microcontroller that is to be programmed. (It is actually only an implementation, running on top of a Xilinx Spartan-3A FPGA, but for all purposes at hand, it works as an MCU.) It has its own architecture and list of instructions which does not equal any real-life MCU available in the software.
How difficult would it be to add the architecture to one of your software (such as mikroBasic)? Documentation is available - I certainly could write an interpreter for it (I did...), but not an (optimizing) compiler. Could this be done by me? If not, by you? I looked at the data that mikroBasic stores about various devices and it looks like something that's not meant to be modified by the end user.

Thank you in advance
P Sisak

Szabolcs Molnar

posted on 2015/11/20 07:15:50 PM CET

Internal MCU modules

Comparator Interrupt Operation

Hi there!

I wish to use the comparator interrupt function of a 18F45K22,
I need an interrupt once the comparator CxOUT asserts. My code is not working as I wish so I may need a demo code.

edward mburu

posted on 2015/08/04 04:35:45 PM CEST

Internal MCU modules


Kindly write and include DMA library with examples for the pic24ep and dspic33ep micro-controllers,Also create a dedicated RTOS for these chips even if it means creating a new restructured compiler

best regards,


Jaskaran Singh

posted on 2015/04/13 02:52:28 PM CEST

Internal MCU modules

hardware UART and hardware/software IC2 on PIC16F1618/PIC16F1708

I am trying to get UART and I2C work on PIC16F1618 and PIC16F1708, one at a time.
I could not get it working on pic16f1618, so I tried on pic16f1708. but couldn't get it working on that either.
I have worked on hardware uart with pic18f45k22..
I need sample code for hardware UART, hardware I2C and software I2C.
I am using "MikroC for PIC", which has all the libraries built in, but somehow they aren't working for me., or I am doing something wrong this time. I got software UART working, but not hardware UART, hardware I2C and software I2C.
Also, I don't know how to use "remappable" functions.

I will be very grateful if someone can post a sample code for the above mentioned PICs.


Seong Ho Park

posted on 2014/10/08 06:18:07 AM CEST

Internal MCU modules

Watchdog Sample code for PIC32

Please send sample code for PIC32 MCU.

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