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Michele Barbone

posted on 2019/04/22 06:01:14 PM CEST

Graphics & LCD

QR Code generation

Does anyone developed a library to display QR Codes onto a 128x64 display, library that can be used even with MikroBasic?
Thank you.

chuck springer

posted on 2019/02/05 10:44:10 PM CET

Graphics & LCD

LCD VU (Audio Volume) Meter

Looking for C Code to design a simple LCD VU meter for displaying L & R channel audio that has been converted to DC for input to the AD converters on the PIC18F45K22.

Sven Salbach

posted on 2019/01/29 02:31:46 PM CET

Graphics & LCD

MPI3501 3.5" TFT with Touch

does anybody have a lib /Unit for the 3.5" TFT Display with MPI3501 Controller.
it also uses an XPT2046 Touch Controller.
It cost only about 10€

shaun williams

posted on 2018/06/11 01:49:51 PM CEST

Graphics & LCD > LCD

Enter Float on 2x16 lcd

I am working on a project that requires the user to
navigate to settings.
move cursor to the desired position and increment to a number,
move to the next cursor position increment
then enter that value

Roy Dickens

posted on 2018/03/23 03:43:21 PM CET

Graphics & LCD

OLED i2c mikrobasic PIC18F45K22


I've just bought a couple of OLED displays and i'm completely stuck on how to get them to work.

I've tried the OLED_B Click library's but with no joy. When i've looked closely and there is an address of 0x78 (with solder link) on one of them and no address markings or solder link on the other.

Im Trying to use MikroBasic PIC18F45K22 and I2C protocall


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