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Milan Kratochvil

posted on 2018/08/09 10:46:03 AM CEST

Development Systems

HEXIWEAR MicroPascal


any basic demos for hexiwear in MikroPascal ARM? In help is nothing about hexiwear :(

(How to show something on display, how to read touch buttons, ...)

serop elmayan

posted on 2016/06/28 10:36:12 AM CEST

Development Systems


i am using mikroC for pic 18f45k22, i just want a code that give output rd5 when rb0 is pressed

Ali Erdem Onder

posted on 2015/10/27 11:22:19 AM CET

Development Systems

Need examples for each boards for each supported microcontrollers and each supported compilers

Dear Mikroelektronika Team,

I love your products and i buy nearly all of your newly published boards. You do really good stuff to develop ourselves. But unfortunately you are very lazy to create sufficient examples for the products that you publish. I understand that each board need to have an example for each compiler and each microcontrollers that are supported, But it has to be that way.

You are publishing the products without enough examples and it takes to long to get it published. It will take maximum 1 week for you to write those codes for your customers. 1 week is nothing compared to publish a completed product. It will also increase your reputation in the market. There are still many products that don't have any examples in your web page and we can't test the product we bought because of this reason.

Please for your own future complete the example set for each microcontroller and each compiler.

John Batchelder

posted on 2015/10/21 02:11:05 AM CEST

Development Systems

Can't find the advertised "Windows application" for Fingerprint click

The manual for the FINGERPRINT click says"
"We created a Windows application that provides an easy interface fro communicating with Fingerprint click. The code is available on Libstock so you can use it as a starting point for developing more sophisticated software." A search through Libstock for fingerprint finds nothing. There are codes for the Quail plug-in board, but not for this module.

daniel plante

posted on 2015/09/02 06:42:05 PM CEST

Development Systems

program for ad 5890 dds signal generator

i would like to made a project with the ad 9850 board ( dds signal generator), so do you have a pic program to use for the ad9850.

I use the aesy pic v7 board with pic 18f45k22 xtal 8 mhz

Do you have a solution form me ?

Thank a lot

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