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Kevin Orcutt

posted on 2018/06/25 06:53:52 AM CEST

Motor Control

PWM click code problems.

Hey All,
A few years ago, the PWM Click board was introduced, along with he LibStock entry for it... As originally posted, the code was missing a certain function. Could someone from MikroElektronika take a look at and see if the code could be updated. There have been several users asking about it, an no indication as to any progress in getting the code updated. Also it would be great if a pic Basic version could be translated/provided.

I'll also post this over on the forum site as well to see if we can a response to this requests.

Thanks in Advance,

Kevin Orcutt

prashant chauhan

posted on 2017/09/22 01:31:51 PM CEST

Motor Control

use of peripheral and external interrupt in a same program

i need to read ttl pulses on int0,int1,int2. and uart interupt in same code
so please tell me how to set the priority of these interrupt

Kranthi K

posted on 2016/11/11 09:40:53 AM CET

Motor Control

Implementation of 3 phae inverter

Can any share a code of 3 phase inveter implementing in dsPIC33EP512MU810 by using mikroc coding technique?

Mrunal Ahirrao
Mrunal Ahirrao

posted on 2016/07/01 12:35:45 PM CEST

Motor Control

PWM library with Float values for duty cycle

The mikroC PWM library don't allow to pass float values for PWM duty cyle. So I wanted PWM library by float values of Duty cycle of PWM can be generated.

Vicky Mano

posted on 2016/05/21 07:39:32 PM CEST

Motor Control

Bipolar Stepper Motor - XY Table Drawing


I need a program to draw spiral design using PIC i formed octagon shaped spiral design but i need the exact spiral design.

Please could you share me the program.

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