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Vinay Hegde

posted on 2017/09/21 03:24:39 PM CEST

Power supply

AC 220v 50 hz power Control Help requried

I want to control the ac power with pic16f877a.(2000w ir lamp brightness) .please give me some helping diagram and source code.thanks

carlos rey

posted on 2014/11/02 06:44:23 PM CET

Power supply

adc problems

because in board Easymx PRO v7 for stm32, the MCU_VREF is equal 1.8 Volts; when in stm32f107vc manual say: "VREF+ Positive reference voltage: 2.4 -VDDA. Volts".

I have problems understanding this concept because when i connect one thermistor which is not working reference voltage.

Thanks for your help.

Johann Fournier

posted on 2014/02/13 08:16:57 AM CET

Power supply

STM32L1xx Configure Power mode with RTC Alarm

I search an example to configure RTC Alarm to switch power mode.

Michael Schuckel

posted on 2013/10/08 08:11:18 AM CEST

Power supply

ECCP configuration for half bridge mode: Example?

Hello I am attempting to setup the ECCP Module on an 18F25K80. I need to have 70Khz output in Half Bridge Mode. The dead time needs to be 5-6 us. I will live with whatever PWM Resolution I can get at this point.

Can anyone help me get the setup figured out.



Michael Schuckel

posted on 2013/05/19 07:58:58 PM CEST

Power supply

Basic PWM setup on the dsPIC33FJ128MC802

Can any show me a setup that will get the basic PWM hardware running in the dsPIC33FJ128MC802.

I have been attempting to get it to function no results thus far.

any help here would be most appreciated! I have the basic PWM functioning on older PICs and I am sure it is a configuration register I am missing somewhere.


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