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Alao Olawale

posted on 2018/09/20 10:48:49 AM CEST



Please i need mfrc522 RFID library to work with AVR

David Schwartzkopf

posted on 2016/10/19 09:08:30 PM CEST


NFC TAG click Code

Is there any demo code for using the NFC Tag click. I am on the Microchip Curiosity platform. Thanks.

divya k

posted on 2016/08/18 07:04:03 PM CEST


Code for NFC tag click using I2C

There is no example code for the NFC tag click module. Can you please help with that?

Jo nope

posted on 2016/02/16 04:19:37 PM CET


NFC Tag Click code

Hello, I am trying to figure out how to make this board work on a Raspberry Pi (with a Pi click shield board) to send and receive some informations with tags. Does someone has any code to work on it ?

Ali Erdem Onder

posted on 2015/10/07 03:44:05 PM CEST


rfid tag writer

I need to an example about how to write an information to an rfid tag. basically i need to write a password into an rfid tag or clone a tag id. I don't want to give authorisation to each rfid tag i have. i am working with mikro C pro for pic on rfid click, but unfortunately example about this board isn't enough to develop an application. Also the datasheet of the chip that is used in the click board isn't sufficient. there are tag cloners which can do this fo 10 dolars but if we can't use the boards full potential, what is the meaning of development. isn't it?

If anyone can help me about this issue, I will be happy. thanks in advance.

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