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Masoud Bakhshi

posted on 2019/05/07 05:36:48 AM CEST


Frequency meter with microbasicpro for ARM and Stm32 series

Would you please let me have the simple frequency meter project if you have available, it will be great if you have also a code to measure duty cycle.

Evan Christo

posted on 2019/04/04 04:32:09 PM CEST


BNO055 Mikrobasic Pro for ARM example

Hello, I am straggling to make BNO055 (click-2073) work with Mikrobasic Pro for ARM. Is it possible that someone can provide library and operation routines? I am using STM32 family micros. Thanks!

mohammed suliman ibr
mohammed suliman ibr

posted on 2019/02/24 12:39:55 PM CET


current sensor acs713

I'm using an ACS713 as current sensor with a 18f45k22.
I don't have any clue about how to calculate the scaling factor to get the right Ampere reading.
As per specs. this sensor has a 2.50 V output @ 0Amps and 5.0 v @ 30 amps

Milan Kratochvil

posted on 2019/01/09 10:32:39 AM CET


Grid-EYE Click Library

Do you have any library for Grid-EYE Click for use it in MikroPascal AVR and ARM compilers?
On the Click product page is example in MikroPascal which needs functions:
which are not enclosed nowhere.
Thank you.

Brad Pettry

posted on 2018/11/30 05:12:50 PM CET


Code Example for reading from AC Current click in some windows file format.

Hi guys,

I'm looking for a code example for the AC Current click (PID: MIKROE-2523).
I see you have code examples but they are all in .mpkg file format that I cannot open.

The main thing I am looking for is, do I need to do any conversion on the AC reading I receive from current board. I'm currently returning a value I did not expect and am wondering if I am missing some equation that needs to applied to the value to convert to amps.

Thanks in advance!

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