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Areeb Mohamed

posted on 2012/09/27 05:09:20 PM CEST

Power supply

24v Power Over Ethernet Managed Patch Panel

Dear All,
I need an Ethernet Patch Panel (48 Port)
Like this one:

But i need a circuit that can provide a 24v DC to be transmitted to each port in the upper line of the patch panel.
So the total output ports are 24 ports each one is 24v DC with 1000mA current.
And the whole patch panel is can be controlled via Ethernet to turn on / off any port from the power supply.

And the lower line of the patch panel is the input for the ethernet UTP cables.

So the summary is

Lower Line 24 ports (non-powered) : Data Input
Upper Line 24 ports (power injected with management) : Power + Data Output

One Extra Ethernet Port : to manage the whole Patch Panel thought WEB UI.

Note : If you need anything in the WEB UI.
I can finish it because i am web designer and php developer.

Please let me know how much it costs to be finished at all.
I need about 10 packages of this project.

Greg Omond

posted on 2012/09/24 01:02:22 AM CEST

Power supply

3 Phase converter with Pic 24 switching capacitors at zero crossing point.

I have been trying to work out how to create a single phase to 3 phase rotary converter using a PIC 24 to do monitoring and capacitor switching to even out the phase voltages under load.
And provide data logging of the power consumption.

I have purchased a PIC 24 EP mikromedia board for this.

If anyone has done this or is thinking of doing it I would be grateful for any help.

shahid nk

posted on 2012/04/14 12:01:23 PM CEST

Power supply


HI everyone...
iam a new pic user

i need the code for counting the number of person entering or leaving the room using two IR sensor with pic16f877a.....
and cut off the power supply if no body is in the room

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