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Project Request

Rainer Hantsch

posted on 2019/02/07 09:30:26 AM CET


Looking for RS-485 (half duplex) based "Network" library

I want to build Microchip PIC based devices, communicating over longer distances with each other.

Sadly Ethernet is no option with PIC32, as Microchip kas nothing similar to the PIC18F67J60 in 32 Bit. All Pic32 only have the MII, but no PHY inside the MCU, this rises costs and footprint drastically.

So my plan is to use RS-485 in half duplex mode (2-wires), this is slower, but available then on all platforms (8-Bit, 32-Bit, ...).

What I am looking for is a library, running interrupt driven background communication similar to a LAN. So it has to have collision detection (if two PICs try to send at same time), as well as a send and receive buffer, as much as possible should run in the background.

Is something like this available?

USER Comments

Rainer Hantsch

posted on 2019/02/07 09:32:00 AM CET

I forgot to mention:
I am using MikroPascal PRO for PIC and for PIC32

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