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chuck springer

posted on 2019/02/05 10:44:10 PM CET

Graphics & LCD

LCD VU (Audio Volume) Meter

Looking for C Code to design a simple LCD VU meter for displaying L & R channel audio that has been converted to DC for input to the AD converters on the PIC18F45K22.

mohammed suliman ibr
mohammed suliman ibr

posted on 2019/02/04 10:05:22 AM CET

Audio & Speech

current sensor acs713

I'm using an ACS713 as current sensor with a 18f45k22.
I don't have any clue about how to calculate the scaling factor to get the right Ampere reading.
As per specs. this sensor has a 2.50 V output @ 0Amps and 5.0 v @ 30 amps

Sven Salbach

posted on 2019/01/29 02:31:46 PM CET

Graphics & LCD

MPI3501 3.5" TFT with Touch

does anybody have a lib /Unit for the 3.5" TFT Display with MPI3501 Controller.
it also uses an XPT2046 Touch Controller.
It cost only about 10€

Milan Kratochvil

posted on 2019/01/18 01:02:43 PM CET

Other Codes


Example and library to MikroPascal for ARM how to read IR pictures from Flir Leptons?

Scott Henry

posted on 2019/01/15 02:59:10 AM CET

Other Codes

NRF24L01 for ARM

NRF24L01 for ARM driver/library

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