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shaun williams

posted on 2018/06/11 01:49:51 PM CEST

Graphics & LCD > LCD

Enter Float on 2x16 lcd

I am working on a project that requires the user to
navigate to settings.
move cursor to the desired position and increment to a number,
move to the next cursor position increment
then enter that value

Deep Prajapati

posted on 2018/04/13 10:22:26 AM CEST

َAbolfazl Rajabi

posted on 2018/04/12 07:42:02 PM CEST


4 Channels EV1527 PT2264 PT2262 PT2260 PT2264 SC2262 Fixed Code Decoder

Hello to all.
I need someone to help me with this code.(4 Channels EV1527 PT2264 PT2262 PT2260 PT2264 SC2262 Fixed Code Decoder)

Luigi ne555it

posted on 2018/04/06 06:52:34 PM CEST


BMP280 Digital Pressure Sensor

Hi to everyone,
someone have a simple code to read the temperature and the pressure from the sensor BMP280?

shailender kumar

posted on 2018/03/25 07:58:40 PM CEST


about CAN Bus frame structure

unsigned short CANWrite (long id, char *data, char datalen, char CAN_TX_MSG_FLAGS);

the above mentioned function used in CAN Bus protocol.
but the standard CAN bus protocol is
Id,control,data,CRC,Endof frame.

so how does this function works when data length or data bits interchange

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