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Aleksandar Ristic

posted on 2018/03/09 11:34:33 AM CET

Other Codes

OSD CLICK for avr

I am interested in code for OSD click for mikroc pro for avr, there is an example for pic, but i don't know how to adapt it, i don't know how to change ports, i'm not experienced to this.

devi sharan saini

posted on 2018/02/23 04:57:44 AM CET

Other Codes

Source code for Ultra-Low Resistance Tester (micro Ohm Meter)

I request you please provide me the source code of Ultra-Low Resistance Tester (micro Ohm Meter)


posted on 2018/02/03 09:06:09 AM CET



Hello All,
I am inexperienced with I2C programming, and have a rather urgent need to get a DHT22 sensor sending data to
virtually any 8 Bit PIC. I am using the PIC 16F1789, but I can work out the differences between controllers, I just need a tested simple routine to gather the sensor data and later display it to a 4X20 LCD.

I am an Electrical Engineer, and am aware of the need for pull-up resistors of about 4.7K to Vcc on both SDA & SCL lines.
I am surprised at the lack of code samples for such a popular type processor as the PIC family, I have found so far.

I have access to both MikroElektronika Basic and FlowCode 7 compiler systems/ ICD's. My Hardware Platform is the MikroElektronika EasyPic V7. Despite looking for some time, I just have not found any examples for coding this sensor using I2C with enough information to get me started. HELP!
I don't have the option or desire of going 1 wire buss.

If anyone can help with this, I would be very appreciative.
Thank you in advance,

Manjeet Kumar

posted on 2018/01/26 02:51:17 PM CET


Modbus Slave for PIC32 mikroc

Modbus RTU slave for Mikroc pic32


Thuong Hoang

posted on 2017/12/14 09:39:46 AM CET

Communication > WiFi

MQTT Library for ARM STM32F103RC and ESP8266 module (ESP-07)

Hi Team,

I'm programming for STM32F103RC communicate with the ESP8266 module, using Mikro C Pro For ARM compiler. And I got difficult with MQTT library. I believed that everybody in this forum also needs that. So could you guys please help me to make the MQTT lib ?.

Thank you so much.
Nice day to you all.
Best regards,

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