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fc zima

posted on 2011/08/19 06:53:46 AM CEST

Gaming and Fun

usb interface

I want to make programmable a usb joystick for EasyPIC 5...
I have tried some examples but I guess I am missing somethin :(

ahmet tn

posted on 2011/08/19 05:48:52 AM CEST


Easy Bee request

hello eveybody

i want to a code about communicating two board LV 24-33 A and LV 24-33 with two Easybee.I used the example code and i wrote a program but it didn't work.If it works, i will share all of you instantly.

marga jaya

posted on 2011/08/19 04:59:01 AM CEST


differential ADC

Is there any body here using differential ADC on mikromedia for Xmega ??

I've tried to write program using mikro C but fail. Please share your code or maybe give me a simple example.

mymadi rahim

posted on 2011/08/19 03:53:48 AM CEST

Audio & Speech


Hi guys, anybody have done for recording sound for this board?

MikroElektronika Team

posted on 2011/08/17 03:55:11 PM CEST

Other Codes

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Here you can share your thoughts with the community on what code you need in your work, and tell others what you think a community contributors should be working on, and what libraries and projects they should write and share. Everyone can join the discussion, and everyone is invited.

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