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Randy Abernathy

posted on 2011/08/19 02:23:14 PM CEST


Wireless remote 3 LED "traffic light" system

I am working on a project in which I want to control 2 remote modules containing 3 high bright LEDs colored, red, green, and yellow. This will be used to communicate to an organist and pianist whether they need to increase their volume, lower their volume and when their volume is correct. Each with have one of these "traffic lights" mounted on their respective instrument. For example, if the organ is not loud enough, a button would be pressed in the sound room and the yellow LED would light up for say 1 second, if the organ is too loud a button would be pressed and the red LED would light for about 1 second, once the volume is correct a button would be pressed and the yellow LED would light for about a second. The same scenario would be used for the piano. Both will be separate from each other of course. I have little experience in using a PIC for wireless control like this so any assistance will be appreciated. I have the EasyPIC6 development system and the lite version of MikroBASIC included with it as well as PICBasic Pro, the full version so BASIC would be good for me in case I need to modify the code. I am considering the LINX line of wireless transmitters/receivers for the wireless part. I don't think infrared would work because of the distance and likely obstacles in the light path.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.


posted on 2011/08/19 11:11:36 AM CEST

Graphics & LCD

LCD touch screen

I bought a LCD touch screen from Ebay.
something like this model :
I would like to use it mean, screen and touch screen, with a pic 18fxxx
Anyone have a way to drive it in MikroC?

thank you,

saher sameh

posted on 2011/08/19 07:50:15 AM CEST


Xbee interface + speech transfare

It is required to interface the serial pins in Xbee module with uart of mikro + sending and receiving voice Thanks for your help ..

fc zima

posted on 2011/08/19 06:53:46 AM CEST

Gaming and Fun

usb interface

I want to make programmable a usb joystick for EasyPIC 5...
I have tried some examples but I guess I am missing somethin :(

ahmet tn

posted on 2011/08/19 05:48:52 AM CEST


Easy Bee request

hello eveybody

i want to a code about communicating two board LV 24-33 A and LV 24-33 with two Easybee.I used the example code and i wrote a program but it didn't work.If it works, i will share all of you instantly.

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